A Celebration of Life is priceless and in our opinion, we should embrace the moment and let our loved one have their final Send-off in style.  A hearse like this is Respectful to any Veteran or anyone who would choose this style of service. 


Armed Forces Funerals Testimonials

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"I'd like to say a big thank you"

Hi Darren 

I'd like to say a big thank you for the Armed Forces hearse. I kept it a secret from all the family and when they saw the hearse everyone was amazed. It made everyone very proud because they knew that my husband would have loved it. The number of people who said they'd never seen anything like it before I can't tell you. Even though it was a sad day, you did everything with dignity and respect. I really appreciate what you did and I'm sure it will be the talk for a long time to come.


Thanks again regards Margaret Sudworth

"The reaction from people is priceless"

The reaction from people is priceless," he said. "It makes everyone smile and instantly reflects. It's always the worse thing waiting for the hearse to arrive, but when we turn up, it turns it into a celebration of life. The people always say to me they're sure their loved one is looking down and smiling. That's what it is all about. Life's too short.


Thanks again

"Extremely proud of his service"

"My dad always just wanted people to be happy and to put a smile on people’s faces, so it was great that we were able to do that for him. Dad was extremely proud of his service and we know he would be looking down how much he would of wanted to be remembered. 

"Thank you so much!"

Mr and Mrs Smith didn’t tell many people, including John’s sister, about the arrangements they had made for the Armed Forces hearse to carry their son’s coffin in a wish to bring a smile to the faces of John’s friends and family.
He used to come home from service and tell us all about his deployment. He loved serving his country and was passionate about his carrier so we wanted to give our son the best funeral we could,  Thank you so much!

TJ Walsh bus driver Brian.


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