Our Story

Created to Honour our Heroes, a thoughtful and detailed tribute to the characters and strength of our veterans giving families a little something different.



My name is Darren Abey and I'm  54 years old. I have been in the alternative funeral business for the past 10 year's with my Only Fools and Hearses, Funeral Hire Company. My whole aim of being alternative is to Completely steer away from black, formal funerals as I believe we should "Celebrate" the life of our loved ones that have left us and allow them the unique send-off they deserve and this has been my entire thought process behind designing Armed Forces Funerals.

Armed Forces Funerals has been built with Respect, Passion, and an incredible amount of thought about our Armed Forces around the world over the past 100 years. It shows incredible details in the artwork of our Men and Women who served their Country with Pride and unfortunately, some were never to return home.


Designing Armed Forces Funerals has given me one of the proudest moments of my life, creating something so Respectful and Beautiful that will be a fitting tribute for any family to allow their loved ones' final journey to be completed in such a unique style. I hope you appreciate the breathtaking artwork involved and the Respect that it shows to our Veterans, as for me personally, I am incredibly proud to serve this hearse to any family knowing I have done my best with Dignity and Pride.

Kindest Regards


Served in the T A 4 Queens Lancashire regiment.


This hearse was built in loving memory of


1938 - 2015


Thought, Passion and Respect

Creating our Hearse would not be possible without the extremely talented Stephen Robson for making our vision become reality, his personal touch, attention to detail and skill. His work here highlights all sectors of the Armed Forces and imagery from actual photographs each with their very own back story.  We thank him for the 3 weeks of hard work and his advice delivering an excellent service throughout. 


Steve has been airbrushing and traditional signwriting on his own since 1979 he wanted to incorporate all the services from submariners to medics and encompass the real meaning of the Armed Forces.  When we approached him he jumped at the opportunity to work on such an exciting project which is very close to his heart and for this, we highly recommend his services and thank him again for all his hard work.


Affiliations & Corporate Partners

With over 10 years experienced in the funeral and alternative funeral business, we have worked closely with many local and national directors. Rest assured we uphold the highest levels of service to all families and corporate partners.   

Enquiries and Availability 

If you would like to discuss anything about our hearse or services, bookings or availability, please do not hesitate to contact us in total confidence.

For each service, we will donate to a families charity of choice.