Honouring our Heroes & Veterans

Dedicated to all those who have served their country and our Armed Forces. Supporting, families, friends and comrades when loved ones are lost.


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To celebrate your loved one's life, with a stunning tribute to all those who have served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, The British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force.


To honor, respect, and make your loved ones a special day to remember, At Armed Forces Funerals we pride ourselves on providing an effective, efficient, and transparent service, which is underpinned by our core values of trust, integrity, fairness, and the highest levels of customer care, values that are embedded in our people. 

To remember them like this is very respectful to any veteran or anyone, who would like this style of hearse. It has been built with passion and empathy for any family,  the detail and thought that has gone into the artwork respectfully commemorates our Armed Forces around the world over the last 100 years and the men and women, some of which never came home.

If there's anything you wish to know about the hearse please contact us in total confidence.


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Created by veterans, to honour our veterans

Created with love, passion, thought and care, to honour and celebrate our Heroes and veterans with a stunning tribute to all those who have served in Her Majesty's Armed Forces, The British Army, Royal Navy, and Royal Air Force.



A poem written by a 16-year-old girl, as a homework assignment.


This is a place I don't want to be.

But to decide on war, was not up to me.

I crawl through this trench, all cold and wet.

Sent here to kill men, whom I have never met.

Stories of heroes, we often hear.

But to tell the truth, I wish I wasn't here.

Be brave, be fearless, we are told.

But oh my god it's really cold.

The days are short, the nights are long.

And every now and then, we break into a song.

I look at the sky, with a tear in my eye.

Hoping today, that I will not die.

We are told to fight, for King and glory.

I hope one day, that I can tell my story.

As I look around, what do I see?

Boys of sixteen, much younger than me.

All these men, so young and brave.

To some, the end will be an unmarked grave.

When this war is over, I will never forget.

The people I killed, with deep regret.

With death and destruction all around.

It is very strange when we hear no sound.

I will fight on, in the name of peace.

And hope very soon, the killing will cease.

One day soon, I hope to roam.

Far away from, The Battle of The Somme.


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For each service, we will donate to a families charity of choice.


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